"Eiropa 2020" Rudens Sievietes Sexy Jumpsuit Streetwear Garām Piedurknēm Bodycon Cieto Ziemas Sports Fitness Jumpsuits Romper Kombinezons Sievietēm


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€18.40 €11.04

  • kuģniecības maksa: Bezmaksas Piegāde
  • Veids: Jumsuits/Sieviešu Jumsuits
  • Preces Nr.: WS37214B
  • Modelis Tips: Cietie
  • Vecums: Vecums 18-35 Gadi
  • Nosaukums: Jumsuits/Sieviešu Jumsuits/Jumsuits sievietēm
  • Garums: Full Length
  • Lai Dropshipping: Pieņemams
  • Siluets: Slim Fit
  • Stils: Streetwear
  • krāsa: 6 Krāsas
  • Apdare: NAV
  • Materiāls: Poliestera
  • Modeļa Numurs: WS37214B
  • Iezīme: Elpojošs
  • Zīmola Nosaukums: Mumaroho
  • Dzimums: SIEVIETES
  • Izmērs: S-L
  • Fit Tips: Izdilis
  • Izcelsme: KN(Izcelsmes valsts)
  • Auduma Veids: Trikotāžas
  • Vienuma Tips: Jumpsuits & Kombinezonus

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Delivery was very fast, packing-like. Fabric krutetskaya! Ideally suitable for the kombeza-very elastic and comfortable, the movements do not constrain. At its current volumes of 86-67-94 and growth of 162 cm, I chose the usual SKU and I was very pleased with it. Перестраховываттся and take on the size no longer makes sense. The style is closed, modest, laconic. The length of the sleeve and trousers, taking into account my growth, is completely problematic-in the first case, full, in the second-even with a margin. Overalls krutetsky! Looks very impressive! At the same time, it is mega-comfortable-I want to wear it, and with pleasure.
Dense polyester, well collects the figure, even my chest size with no bust keeps well. But, of course, the shortcomings will emphasize. I'm going to train in this, not walk, so OK
Net6688 Net
I’m not sure if it’s worth the price but it fits really well