Игровое компьютерное кресло SOKOLTEC


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€215.37 €107.69

  • Ar Veltņiem: Jā
  • Īpaša Izmantošana: Biroja Krēsls
  • Atzveltnes Augstums: <=Izmantots 125mm
  • Izcelsme: KN(Izcelsmes valsts)
  • Ir Grozāms: Jā
  • Ar Rokturiem: Jā
  • Zīmola Nosaukums: SOKOLTEC
  • Vispārēju Lietošanu: Tirdzniecības Mēbeles
  • Stils: Grozāmos Krēslu
  • Veids: Biroja Mēbeles
  • Modeļa Numurs: ZK5006GN
  • Materiāls: Sintētiskās Ādas
  • Salocīta: No

Tagi: krēsls datoru audums, krēsls offic, 4 spēles, krēsls spēle, priekšsēdētājs mao, pludmales krēsls, sauļošanās krēslu, krēsls datoru spēle, guļamistaba furnitur, galda balts, entryway plauktā.


Alua Shakirova
Very decent chair! I'm happy, the delivery is fast, the assembly is elementary! To seller, thank you!
White Swan 87
Armchair fire, delivery by courier service KCE from Moscow to ekb for 5 days. They ordered a child. The seller is good, answered all questions, advised, sent very quickly. There is no smell, with the assembly there were difficulties with the mechanism of lifting-lowering the back. It turns out that the lubricant just froze during transportation in our Ural conditions))) I recommend it to everyone. And soon I will order a similar one for myself.
Ordered, paid, sent. In a couple of days comes a message (see photo). that the goods are not. Well, hence, the store spat at me as a buyer, I like the buyer to spit on this store. Do not contact the store, which can not adequately control the quantity of the goods sold. Now wait for a refund until a month sitting on a stool. I wish this store to experience blocking funds for a month.
Небольшие сколы краски на крестовине